Be a King. Own a soccer team. Live the life.

our story


At Kings, it’s as real as it gets. We are half part ambition and half part innovation. Kings meet at the crossroads of luxury and authenticity. We are building the world’s first decentralized soccer team.

We are incorporating decentralized decision-making with the wonders of blockchain to offer a truly revolutionary experience to our holders.

The Ethereum blockchain has opened up tons of opportunities that were just unheard of just in the recent past. Kings is about utilizing the possibilities of the non-fungible token (NFT) art hosted on the blockchain.
We offer exclusive high-quality NFT art pieces that signify community and luxury. More than art, this is your ticket to enter a life-long community of high achievers and innovators.



The world’s first decentralized soccer team

Our ultimate ambition is to buy and manage collectively a decentralized soccer team. The team will be purchased using a portion of our sales and then all of the decisions will be made by all of the Kings holders using a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model.

Home and away games will be streamed live on our website and as a Kings holder, you will vote on all the important key decisions regarding the club, including coach identity, tickets prices, scouting decisions and much more.
In addition, all related-club revenues will be kept in a dedicated treasury. The treasury would be used to buy new players, hire new team staff and also share the revenues with every Kings holder.

Live your dream of owning a real-life soccer team.

The Kings Wine

Every exclusive club requires a drink its very own. At Kings, we make our wines with a sublime taste that’s unmatched anywhere else. Insured and stored in a temperature-controlled facility, Kings Wines’ every sip tastes like victory.

Make an impact

All achievements are incomplete without a tangible impact on the world around you. To fulfill our responsibility towards society, Kings believes in giving back to the community: 1% of our sales are donated to charities like the Worldwide Fund for Nature and the Surf rider Fund. A percentage of our royalties also go to select charities handpicked exclusively by our holders.

Merchandise that’s truly yours

Collaborating with upcoming and established artists, Kings will produce a line of immaculate personal merchandise for its holders. Only available in limited quantities and exclusively for our holders, you get a chance to express your style in a manner uniquely your own.

The White Lion Club

All Kings holders gain access to the White Lions Club - an exclusive luxurious business lounge. You may discuss the latest NFT or crypto currencies there or just handle a private matter.

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project specs

Projects spec


The KINGS are created from over 100 hand-drawn traits. Each King is 1/1 unique.


To make the experience of our holders completely authentic and fresh, they have access to limited-edition merchandise and our very Kings Wines. Nothing is ordinary at Kings.


At Kings, we are drawn together by a zest for cutting-edge innovation. Together, we are building the next big thing and we know that.


From our flagship DAO soccer team to the White Lions Club, Kings holders enjoy exclusivity all over. Our holders all also live with the satisfaction of doing their part in making the world a better place through dedicated charity donations.

kings team

our team

guy edry


Guided by his intuition, he is a natural problem solver. In his role as the Project Manager, he directs all efforts in a manner that yields the most benefit. On top of that, he has his way with words and leadership even in the most crunch circumstances.

Simeon jackson


Simeon is a professional soccer player with 15+ years of playing experience from the National League to Barclays Premier League in the UK. Simeon also played for clubs in the Bundesliga & SPFL.



Developer for Kings. Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Solidity are his love languages. Loves to build generative and immutable art.

Kevin de Arenas


Kings’ soccer guru Kevin knows the sport inside out. Here to help with managing the soccer team and revolutionize the way soccer is coached and managed, he has worked with prestigious clubs in Europe and the US for almost a decade.

Frequently asked questions



Kings is a community of people who know how to innovate and live their best life under all circumstances. Essentially an NFT-based art and crypto community, we do much more than that. Through our exclusive membership, we are building the first decentralized soccer team, making remarkable wines and merchandise, and celebrating together. We are connected by the spirit that whatever you can imagine, you can achieve.

Which soccer team do we intend to buy?

For us, buying the right team is a very crucial decision. To ensure that we make the right choice, our experts are continuously researching teams in England, France, and Spain. Our plan is to buy a team with a lot of performance potential and help its fans make the right decisions to catapult them up to glory. At the heart of this concept is the novel decision making process - we believe decisions are taken much better together .

How can a holder influence the team?

A Kings holder gets to choose everything - big and small. You can vote on coaching and scouting decisions, players and staff signings, ticket prices and much more. All club-related revenues will be kept in a dedicated treasury. The treasury would be used to buy new players, hire new team staff and also share the revenues with every KINGS holder.

What do we want to achieve with Kings?

We believe that art can be transformed into a movement to achieve something bigger than the sum of individual efforts. At Kings, our impact is bigger than the efforts of each member. Through using cutting-edge crypto technology, we are aiming to affect positive change among ourselves and the world around us.

When will the Kings pre-sale and public sale be live?

We are going to be opening up the pre-sale on Sunday, October 17th. The public sale is going to be open on Monday, October 18th.

How many Kings are there in total?

There are 10,000 KINGS.

What do I need to purchase a KING NFT? 

You need MetaMask and Ethereum (ETH). For a guide on how to use MetaMask to buy NFTs, check this video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWfZnjkhhhg  

how i join the whitelist?

To make sure that early supporters can be deservedly rewarded, there will be a presale for whitelisted members. Join our discord to learn more.

what is the mint price?

Each KING NFT is set at the fixed price of only 0.09 ETH.

are there secondary sale royalties?

Yes, there are. Secondary sales royalties are set at 8% of the sales value. 60% of the total sales value goes into the community treasury for expansion needs in the future.